The 3rd International Conference on Automation, Electronic Science and Technology (AEST 2024)



The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Electronic Science and Technology

· signal processing

· Image processing

· semiconductor technology

· Integrated circuits

· Physical electronics

· electronic circuit

· Microcomputer principle

· Microwave millimeter wave electronics

· Optical fiber communication

· Digital signal processing

· Semiconductor Physics

· Physical electronics and electronics

· Microelectronics

· Computer structure and logic design

· Introduction to Electronic Science and Technology

· Signals and systems

· Fundamentals of electronic circuits

· Microcomputer system and interface

· Theory of electromagnetic fields

· Optoelectronic technology

· Fields and waves in information electronics

· Fundamentals of photoelectron physics

· Electronic devices

· Fundamentals of VLSI design

· Display technology


· Linear system control

· Control integrated circuits and applications

· Parallel control and management of complex systems

· Automatic control system

· Automation and monitoring system

· Control and embedded system

· Robot system control

· Fault-tolerant control system

· Fractional system and control

· Intelligent system control

· Fault diagnosis and system operation safety

· Network and motor

· Nonlinear theory and application

· Renewable energy conversion

· Automatic control principle and technology

· Flexible automation solutions

· Intelligent manufacturing and high-end automation systems

· Information processing and control of unmanned systems

· Network clustering and network control

· Advanced sensing technology and instrumentation

· Wireless sensor network and data fusion